Our Year Nine Programme for 2016:
Year Nine: save a copy so that you can adapt it

Strands: Identity, Culture, and Organisation & Continuity and Change

Topics: New Zealand Government continued, other types of government, 18th and 19th century european interaction with & migration to NZ, an introduction to the impact of this wave of immigration on Maori, the Treaty of Waitangi - its similarities and differences to other treaties made between europeans and native peoples elsewhere :

Possible order for lessons
  1. How elections are held
  2. How laws are passed.
  3. The role and structure of local government in NZ.
  4. How NZ’s system of government compares to other types of government in the world today and/or in the past. democracy, monarchy, dictatorship
  5. Scientific and economic exploration and migration to New Zealand
  6. The push and pull factors for 19th century migrants to New Zealand.
  7. The impact on Maori
  8. The Treaty of Waitangi
  9. Comparison with others: North American Indian; Aborigines.

based on exercises and learning from the Basics One Work Book or class work.
Unit Achievement Objectives:
-Understand how the ways in which leadership of groups is acquired and exercised have consequences for communities and societies. L4
-Understand how systems of government in New Zealand operate and affect people’s lives, and how they compare with another system. L5
-Understand how exploration and innovation create opportunities and challenges for people, places, and environments. L4
-Understand that people move between places and how this has consequences for the people and the places. L5
-Understand that events have causes and effects. L4
-Understand how cultural interaction impacts on cultures and societies. L5


Term One, pretest.

Term One, pretest WITH ANSWERS