Y9 LOS or Learning Objectives for students are:opotiki students.jpg
  1. Explain their understanding of culture
  2. Describe reasons why people sustain their culture e.g. identity (who am I), traditions – (things that stay the same), heritage (honouring forebearers)
  3. Identify how exposure to new ideas has consequences for people and their culture
  4. Explain how national identity is developed, maintained and expressed

Individual Student identity - social, religous or sporting groups they belong to - traditions - heritage - the effect of being exposed to new ideas in New Zealand, Nazi Germany and Europe during the religious wars. Plus have a look at how ancient Rome and Greece expressed their cultures.

Our students will be able to explain what a national identity is, how it is formed and how it is expressed or what it looks like.

buzzy bee.jpgmaori faces 1.jpgexpressions of Nazi german culture.jpgexpression of Greek culture.jpg

We have begun already naming the some of the cultures that make up New Zealand's population in 2014.

The Year Nine and Tens at Opotiki College are also doing the SPEC PROGRAMME to support their learning needs and build their ability to be independent, inquiring and successful learners. http://www.spec.org.nz/
The SPEC courses provide a framework for a self-directed approach to learning and a focus on Key Competency development. There are three levels of certificate qualifications, and students are placed in the appropriate level.
  • Students choose the tasks they are interested in.
  • They are taught how to plan and break tasks into manageable units.
  • This process helps their time management and ability to manage themselves more efficiently.
  • The courses allow for different learning styles, so students are able to negotiate the types of evidence they will generate for each task.
  • There is also a flexible time frame and although there are time frames for students to finish files, if they miss the first deadline there is a second date to aim for.
  • Students build up portfolios of evidence over an extended period of time, showing how they have developed the Key Competencies.
  • When portfolios are complete they are submitted to SPEC for verification.
  • Verification meetings are held twice a year in local geographical areas.
  • These meetings are some of the best professional development opportunities.